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Numbers 14:8


If the Lord delights in us, then he will bring us into this land and give it to us – a land that is flowing with milk and honey. 1 


Nu 13:27; De 10:15; 2Sa 15:25,26; 2Sa 22:20; 1Ki 10:9; Ps 22:8; Ps 147:10,11; Isa 62:4; Jer 32:41; Zep 3:17; Ro 8:31

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tn The subjective genitives “milk and honey” are symbols of the wealth of the land, second only to bread. Milk was a sign of such abundance (Gen 49:12; Isa 7:21,22). Because of the climate the milk would thicken quickly and become curds, eaten with bread or turned into butter. The honey mentioned here is the wild honey (see Deut 32:13; Judg 14:8-9). It signified sweetness, or the finer things of life (Ezek 3:3).

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