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Luke 13:8


But the worker 1  answered him, ‘Sir, leave it alone this year too, until I dig around it and put fertilizer 2  on it.


Ex 32:11-13,30-32; Ex 34:9; Nu 14:11-20; Jos 7:7-9; Ps 106:23; Jer 14:7-9,13-18; Jer 15:1; Jer 18:20; Joe 2:17; Ro 10:1; Ro 11:14; 2Pe 3:9

NET © Notes

tn Grk “he”; the referent (the worker who tended the vineyard) has been specified in the translation for clarity.

tn Grk “toss manure [on it].” This is a reference to manure used as fertilizer.

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