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Leviticus 19:19


You must keep my statutes. You must not allow two different kinds of your animals to breed, 1  you must not sow your field with two different kinds of seed, and you must not wear 2  a garment made of two different kinds of fabric. 3 


Ge 36:24; De 22:9-11; 2Sa 13:29; 2Sa 18:9; 1Ki 1:33; Ezr 2:66; Mt 9:16,17; Ro 11:6; 2Co 6:14-17; Ga 3:9-11

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tn Heb “Your animals, you shall not cross-breed two different kinds.”

tn Heb “you shall not cause to go up on you.”

sn Cf. Deut 22:11 where the Hebrew term translated “two different kinds” (כִּלְאַיִם, kilayim) refers to a mixture of linen and wool woven together in a garment.

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