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Job 36:5


Indeed, God is mighty; and he does not despise people, 1  he 2  is mighty, and firm 3  in his intent. 4 


Job 9:14,19; Job 10:3; Job 12:13-16; Job 26:12-14; Job 31:13; Job 37:23; Ps 22:24; Ps 99:4; Ps 138:6; Ps 147:5; Jer 10:12; Jer 32:19; 1Co 1:24-28

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tn The object “people” is not in the Hebrew text but is implied.

tn The text simply repeats “mighty.”

tn The last two words are simply כֹּחַ לֵב (koakh lev, “strong in heart”), meaning something like “strong; firm in his decisions.”

tc There are several problems in this verse: the repetition of “mighty,” the lack of an object for “despise,” and the meaning of “strength of heart.” Many commentators reduce the verse to a single line, reading something like “Lo, God does not reject the pure in heart” (Kissane). Dhorme and Pope follow Nichols with: “Lo, God is mighty in strength, and rejects not the pure in heart.” This reading moved “mighty” to the first line and took the second to be בַּר (bar, “pure”).

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