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Job 20:25


When he pulls it out 1  and it comes out of his back, the gleaming point 2  out of his liver, terrors come over him.


De 32:41; 2Sa 18:14; Job 6:4; Job 15:21; Job 16:13; Job 18:11; Job 27:20; Ps 7:12; Ps 73:19; Ps 88:15; Jer 20:3,4; 2Co 5:11

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tn The MT has “he draws out [or as a passive, “it is drawn out/forth”] and comes [or goes] out of his back.” For the first verb שָׁלַף (shalaf, “pull, draw”), many commentators follow the LXX and use שֶׁלַח (shelakh, “a spear”). It then reads “and a shaft comes out of his back,” a sword flash comes out of his liver.” But the verse could also be a continuation of the preceding.

tn Possibly a reference to lightnings.

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