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Job 15:34


For the company of the godless is barren, 1  and fire 2  consumes the tents of those who accept bribes. 3 


1Sa 8:3; 1Sa 12:3; Job 8:13; Job 11:14; Job 12:6; Job 20:1; Job 22:5-9; Job 27:8; Job 29:12-17; Job 36:13; Isa 33:14,15; Am 5:11,12; Mic 7:2; Mt 24:51

NET © Notes

tn The LXX renders this line: “for death is the witness of an ungodly man. “Death” represents “barren/sterile,” and “witness” represents “assembly.”

sn This may refer to the fire that struck Job (cf. 1:16).

tn Heb “the tents of bribery.” The word “bribery” can mean a “gift,” but most often in the sense of a bribe in court. It indicates that the wealth and the possessions that the wicked man has gained may have been gained unjustly.

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