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Job 12:15


If he holds back the waters, then they dry up; 1  if he releases them, 2  they destroy 3  the land.


Ge 6:13,17; Ge 7:11,23; Ge 8:1,2; 1Ki 8:35,36; 1Ki 17:1; Job 12:10; Ps 104:7-9; Jer 14:22; Am 5:8; Na 1:4; Lu 4:25; Jas 5:17,18; Re 11:6

NET © Notes

tc The LXX has a clarification: “he will dry the earth.”

sn The verse is focusing on the two extremes of drought and flood. Both are described as being under the power of God.

tn The verb הָפַךְ (hafakh) means “to overthrow; to destroy; to overwhelm.” It was used in Job 9:5 for “overturning” mountains. The word is used in Genesis for the destruction of Sodom.

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