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Judges 4:9


She said, “I will indeed go with you. But you will not gain fame 1  on the expedition you are undertaking, 2  for the Lord will turn Sisera over to a woman.” 3  Deborah got up and went with Barak to Kedesh.


Jud 2:14; Jud 4:17-22; Jud 5:24-27; Jud 9:54; 1Sa 2:30; 2Sa 20:21,22; 2Ch 26:18

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tn Or “honor.”

tn Heb “on [account of (?)] the way which you are walking.” Another option is to translate, “due to the way you are going about this.” In this case direct reference is made to Barak’s hesitancy as the reason for his loss of glory.

tn Heb “for into the hands of a woman the Lord will sell Sisera.”

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