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Judges 10:15


But the Israelites said to the Lord, “We have sinned. You do to us as you see fit, 1  but deliver us today!” 2 


Jos 9:25; 1Sa 3:18; 2Sa 10:12; 2Sa 12:13; 2Sa 15:26; 2Sa 24:10; 2Sa 24:14; Job 33:27; Job 34:31,32; Pr 28:13; Jon 2:4; Jon 3:9; 1Jo 1:8-10

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tn Heb “according to all whatever is good in your eyes.”

sn You do to us as you see fit, but deliver us today. The request seems contradictory, but it can be explained in one of two ways. They may be asking for relief from their enemies and direct discipline from God’s hand. Or they may mean, “In the future you can do whatever you like to us, but give us relief from what we’re suffering right now.”

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