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Genesis 14:19


He blessed Abram, saying, “Blessed be Abram by 1  the Most High God, Creator 2  of heaven and earth. 3 


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tn The preposition לְ (lamed) introduces the agent after the passive participle.

tn Some translate “possessor of heaven and earth” (cf. NASB). But cognate evidence from Ugaritic indicates that there were two homonymic roots ָקנָה (qanah), one meaning “to create” (as in Gen 4:1) and the other “to obtain, to acquire, to possess.” While “possessor” would fit here, “creator” is the more likely due to the collocation with “heaven and earth.”

tn The terms translated “heaven” and “earth” are both objective genitives after the participle in construct.

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