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Galatians 6:16


And all who will behave 1  in accordance with this rule, peace and mercy be on them, and on the Israel of God. 2 


Nu 6:23-27; 1Ch 12:18; Ps 73:1; Ps 125:4,5; Ps 125:5; Isa 45:25; Ho 1:10; Joh 1:47; Joh 14:27; Joh 16:33; Ro 1:7; Ro 2:28,29; Ro 4:12; Ro 9:6-8; Ga 1:3; Ga 3:7-9,29; Ga 5:16,25; Php 3:3; Php 3:16; Php 4:7; 1Pe 2:5-9

NET © Notes

tn The same Greek verb, στοιχέω (stoicew), occurs in Gal 5:25.

tn The word “and” (καί) can be interpreted in two ways: (1) It could be rendered as “also” which would indicate that two distinct groups are in view, namely “all who will behave in accordance with this rule” and “the Israel of God.” Or (2) it could be rendered “even,” which would indicate that “all who behave in accordance with this rule” are “the Israel of God.” In other words, in this latter view, “even” = “that is.”

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