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Ezekiel 1:24


When they moved, I heard the sound of their wings – it was like the sound of rushing waters, or the voice of the Almighty, 1  or the tumult 2  of an army. When they stood still, they lowered their wings.


2Ki 7:6; Job 37:2,4,5; Ps 18:13; Ps 29:3-9; Ps 68:33; Eze 10:5; Eze 43:2; Da 10:6; Re 1:15; Re 19:6

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tn Heb “Shaddai” (probably meaning “one of the mountain”), a title that depicts God as the sovereign ruler of the world who dispenses justice. The Old Greek translation omitted the phrase “voice of the Almighty.”

tn The only other occurrence of the Hebrew word translated “tumult” is in Jer 11:16. It indicates a noise like that of the turmoil of a military camp or the sound of an army on the march.

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