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Exodus 12:23


For the Lord will pass through to strike Egypt, and when he sees 1  the blood on the top of the doorframe and the two side posts, then the Lord will pass over the door, and he will not permit the destroyer 2  to enter your houses to strike you. 3 


Ex 12:12,13; 2Sa 24:16; Isa 37:36; Eze 9:4,6; 1Co 10:10; Heb 11:28; Heb 12:24; Re 7:3; Re 9:4

NET © Notes

tn The first of the two clauses begun with perfects and vav consecutives may be subordinated to form a temporal clause: “and he will see…and he will pass over,” becomes “when he sees…he will pass over.”

tn Here the form is the Hiphil participle with the definite article. Gesenius says this is now to be explained as “the destroyer” although some take it to mean “destruction” (GKC 406 §126.m, n. 1).

tn “you” has been supplied.

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