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Deuteronomy 33:8


Of Levi he said: Your Thummim and Urim 1  belong to your godly one, 2  whose authority you challenged at Massah, 3  and with whom you argued at the waters of Meribah. 4 


Ex 17:7; Ex 28:30,36; Le 8:8; Le 21:7; Nu 16:5; Nu 20:13; Nu 27:21; De 8:2,3,16; 1Sa 28:6; 2Ch 23:6; Ezr 2:63; Ezr 8:28; Ne 7:65; Ps 16:10; Ps 81:7; Ps 106:16; Heb 7:26; Re 3:7

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sn Thummim and Urim. These terms, whose meaning is uncertain, refer to sacred stones carried in a pouch on the breastplate of the high priest and examined on occasion as a means of ascertaining God’s will or direction. See Exod 28:30; Lev 8:8; Num 27:21; 1 Sam 28:6. See also C. Van Dam, NIDOTTE 1:329-31.

tn Heb “godly man.” The reference is probably to Moses as representative of the whole tribe of Levi.

sn Massah means “testing” in Hebrew; the name is a wordplay on what took place there. Cf. Exod 17:7; Deut 6:16; 9:22; Ps 95:8-9.

sn Meribah means “contention, argument” in Hebrew; this is another wordplay on the incident that took place there. Cf. Num 20:13, 24; Ps 106:32.

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