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Deuteronomy 28:20


“The Lord will send on you a curse, confusing you and opposing you 1  in everything you undertake 2  until you are destroyed and quickly perish because of the evil of your deeds, in that you have forsaken me. 3 


Le 26:31-33,38; De 4:26; Jos 23:16; 1Sa 14:20; Ps 7:11; Ps 80:4-16; Isa 28:19; Isa 30:17; Isa 51:20; Isa 66:15; Zec 14:12,13; Mal 2:2; Joh 3:36; 1Th 2:16

NET © Notes

tn Heb “the curse, the confusion, and the rebuke” (NASB and NIV similar); NRSV “disaster, panic, and frustration.”

tn Heb “in all the stretching out of your hand.”

tc For the MT first person common singular suffix (“me”), the LXX reads either “Lord” (Lucian) or third person masculine singular suffix (“him”; various codices). The MT’s more difficult reading probably represents the original text.

tn Heb “the evil of your doings wherein you have forsaken me”; CEV “all because you rejected the Lord.”

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