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Daniel 11:40


“At the time of the end the king of the south will attack 1  him. Then the king of the north will storm against him 2  with chariots, horsemen, and a large armada of ships. 3  He 4  will invade lands, passing through them like an overflowing river. 5 


Isa 5:28; Isa 21:1; Isa 66:15; Jer 4:13; Eze 38:4,15; Eze 38:14-18; Da 8:17; Da 11:5,6; Da 11:10,22; Da 11:35; Da 12:4; Zec 9:14; Re 9:16; Re 16:12

NET © Notes

tn Heb “engage in thrusting.”

tn The referent of the pronoun is most likely the king of the south, in which case the text describes the king of the north countering the attack of the king of the south.

tn Heb “many ships.”

tn This most likely refers to the king of the north who, in response to the aggression of the king of the south, launches an invasion of the southern regions.

tn Heb “and will overflow and pass over.”

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