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Daniel 11:15


Then the king of the north will advance and will build siege mounds and capture a well-fortified city. 1  The forces of the south will not prevail, not even his finest contingents. 2  They will have no strength to prevail.


Jos 1:5; Pr 21:30,31; Jer 5:10; Jer 6:6; Jer 33:4; Jer 52:4; Eze 17:17; Da 8:7; Da 11:6

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sn This well-fortified city is apparently Sidon. Its capture from the Ptolemies by Antiochus the Great was a strategic victory for the Seleucid kingdom.

tn Or “choice troops” (BDB 104 s.v. מִבְחָר), or “elite troops” (HALOT 542 s.v. מִבְחָר).

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