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Amos 8:10


I will turn your festivals into funerals, 1  and all your songs into funeral dirges. I will make everyone wear funeral clothes 2  and cause every head to be shaved bald. 3  I will make you mourn as if you had lost your only son; 4  when it ends it will indeed have been a bitter day. 5 


De 16:14; 1Sa 25:36-38; 2Sa 13:28-31; Job 3:5; Job 20:23; Isa 15:2,3; Isa 21:3,4; Isa 22:12-14; Jer 6:26; Jer 48:37; Eze 7:18; Eze 27:30,31; Da 5:4-6; Ho 2:11; Am 5:23; Am 6:4-7; Am 8:3; Na 1:10; Zec 12:10; Lu 7:12,13

NET © Notes

tn Heb “mourning.”

tn Heb “I will place sackcloth on all waists.”

sn Mourners wore sackcloth (funeral clothes) as an outward expression of grief.

tn Heb “and make every head bald.” This could be understood in a variety of ways, while the ritual act of mourning typically involved shaving the head (although occasionally the hair could be torn out as a sign of mourning).

sn Shaving the head or tearing out one’s hair was a ritual act of mourning. See Lev 21:5; Deut 14:1; Isa 3:24; 15:2; Jer 47:5; 48:37; Ezek 7:18; 27:31; Mic 1:16.

tn Heb “I will make it like the mourning for an only son.”

tn Heb “and its end will be like a bitter day.” The Hebrew preposition כְּ (kaf) sometimes carries the force of “in every respect,” indicating identity rather than mere comparison.

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