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Acts 26:10


And that is what I did in Jerusalem: Not only did I lock up many of the saints in prisons by the authority I received 1  from the chief priests, but I also cast my vote 2  against them when they were sentenced to death. 3 


Ps 16:3; Ac 7:58; Ac 8:1,3; Ac 9:13,26; Ac 9:14,21; Ac 9:32,41; Ac 22:4,19,20; Ac 22:5; Ro 15:25,26; 1Co 15:9; Ga 1:13; Eph 1:1; Re 17:6

NET © Notes

tn Grk “by receiving authority.” The participle λαβών (labwn) has been taken instrumentally.

tn Grk “cast down a pebble against them.” L&N 30.103 states, “(an idiom, Grk ‘to bring a pebble against someone,’ a reference to a white or black pebble used in voting for or against someone) to make known one’s choice against someone – ‘to vote against.’ …‘when they were sentenced to death, I also voted against them’ Ac 26:10.”

tn Grk “when they were being executed”; but the context supports the sentencing rather than the execution itself (cf. L&N 30.103).

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