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Acts 21:3


After we sighted Cyprus 1  and left it behind on our port side, 2  we sailed on to Syria and put in 3  at Tyre, 4  because the ship was to unload its cargo there.


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sn Cyprus is a large island in the Mediterranean off the south coast of Asia Minor.

sn The expression left it behind on our port side here means “sailed past to the south of it” since the ship was sailing east.

tn BDAG 531 s.v. κατέρχομαι 2 states, “arrive, put in, nautical t.t. of ships and those who sail in them, who ‘come down’ fr. the ‘high seas’…ἔις τι at someth. a harbor 18:22; 21:3; 27:5.”

sn Tyre was a city and seaport on the coast of Phoenicia. From Patara to Tyre was about 400 mi (640 km). It required a large cargo ship over 100 ft (30 m) long, and was a four to five day voyage.

map For location see Map1 A2; Map2 G2; Map4 A1; JP3 F3; JP4 F3.

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