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2 Chronicles 34:31


The king stood by his pillar 1  and renewed 2  the covenant before the Lord, agreeing to follow 3  the Lord and to obey his commandments, laws, and rules with all his heart and being, 4  by carrying out the terms 5  of this covenant recorded on this scroll.


Ex 24:6-8; De 6:5; De 29:1,10-15; Jos 24:25; 2Ki 11:4; 2Ki 23:3; 2Ch 6:13; 2Ch 15:12,15; 2Ch 23:16; 2Ch 29:10; 2Ch 31:21; Ne 9:38; Ne 10:29; Ps 119:106; Ps 119:111,112; Jer 50:5; Eze 46:2; Lu 10:27-29; Heb 8:6-13

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tc This assumes an emendation to עַמּוּדוֹ (’ammudo), see 23:13. The MT reads “at his place.”

tn Heb “cut,” that is, “made” or “agreed to.”

tn Heb “walk after.”

tn Or “soul.”

tn Heb “words.”

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