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1 Timothy 6:21


By professing it, some have strayed from the faith. 1  Grace be with you all. 2 


Mt 6:13; Ro 1:7; Ro 16:20,24; 1Ti 1:6,19; 1Ti 6:10; 2Ti 2:18; 2Ti 4:22; Tit 3:15; Heb 10:1-12:29; Heb 13:25

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tn Grk “have deviated concerning the faith.”

tc Most witnesses (א2 D1 Ψ Ï sy) conclude this letter with ἀμήν (amhn, “amen”). Such a conclusion is routinely added by scribes to NT books because a few of these books originally had such an ending (cf. Rom 16:27; Gal 6:18; Jude 25). A majority of Greek witnesses have the concluding ἀμήν in every NT book except Acts, James, and 3 John (and even in these books, ἀμήν is found in some witnesses). It is thus a predictable variant. Further, the earliest and best witnesses (א* A D* F G 33 81 1739* 1881 it sa) lack the particle, indicating that the letter concluded with “Grace be with you all.”

tn Grk “with you” (but the Greek pronoun indicates the meaning is plural here).

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