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1 Timothy 5:13


And besides that, going around 1  from house to house they learn to be lazy, 2  and they are not only lazy, but also gossips and busybodies, talking about things they should not. 3 


Le 19:16; Pr 20:19; Pr 31:27; Lu 10:7; Ac 20:20; Ac 20:30; 2Th 3:6-11; 2Th 3:11; Tit 1:11; Jas 3:10; 1Pe 4:15

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tn L&N 15.23 suggests the meaning, “to move about from place to place, with significant changes in direction – ‘to travel about, to wander about.’”

tn Or “idle.” The whole clause (“going around from house to house, they learn to be lazy”) reverses the order of the Greek. The present participle περιερχόμεναι (periercomenai) may be taken as temporal (“while going around”), instrumental (“by going around”) or result (“with the result that they go around”).

tn Grk “saying the things that are unnecessary.” Or perhaps “talking about things that are none of their business.”

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