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1 John 2:10


The one who loves his fellow Christian 1  resides in the light, and there is no cause for stumbling in him. 2 


Ho 6:3; Mt 13:21; Mt 18:7; Lu 17:1,2; Joh 8:31; Ro 9:32,33; Ro 14:13; Php 1:10; 2Pe 1:10; 1Jo 3:14

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tn See note on the term “fellow Christian” in 2:9.

tn The third person pronoun αὐτῷ (autw) could refer either (1) to the person who loves his brother or (2) to the light itself which has no cause for stumbling “in it.” The following verse (2:11) views darkness as operative within a person, and the analogy with Ps 119:165, which says that the person who loves God’s law does not stumble, expresses a similar concept in relation to an individual. This evidence suggests that the person is the referent here.

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