suntribo <4937>

suntribw suntribo

Origin:from 4862 and the base of 5147
Reference:TDNT - 7:919,1124
In Greek:suntetrifyai 1, suntetrimmenon 1, suntribetai 1, suntribhsetai 1, suntribon 1, suntriqasa 1, suntriqei 1
In NET:broken 1, After breaking open 1, bruised 1, he will break 1, will be broken 1, torturing severely 1, will crush 1
In AV:bruise 3, break 2, broken to shivers 1, brokenhearted + 2588 1, break in pieces 1
Definition:1) break, to break in pieces, shiver
2) to tread down
2a) to put Satan under foot and (as a conqueror) trample on him
2b) to break down, crush
2b1) to tear one's body and shatter one's strength
from 4862 and the base of 5147; to crush completely, i.e. to shatter
(literally or figuratively):-break (in pieces), broken to shivers (+
-hearted), bruise.
see GREEK for 4862
see GREEK for 5147

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