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NETBible: Strong -- 4936

suntrecho <4936>

suntrecw suntrecho

Origin:from 4862 and 5143 (including its alternate)
In Greek:sunedramen 1, sunedramon 1, suntrecontwn 1
In NET:arrived 1, ran together 1, when do rush with 1
In AV:run 1, run together 1, run with 1
Definition:1) to run together
1a) of the gathering of a multitude
2) to run along with others
3) metaph.
3a) to rush with, to cast one's self, plunge
from 4862 and 5143 (including its alternate); to rush together
(hastily assemble) or headlong (figuratively):-run (together, with).
see GREEK for 4862
see GREEK for 5143

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