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strefw strepho

Origin:strengthened from the base of 5157
Reference:TDNT - 7:714,1093
In Greek:estrafh 1, estrafhsan 1, estreqen 2, strafeisa 1, strafeiv 10, strafentev 1, strafhte 1, strafwsin 1, strefein 1, strefomeya 1, streqon 1
In NET:turned 8, turn 2, turning 2, to turn 1, she turned around 1, returned 1, turn around 1, turned around 1, we are turning 1, turned back 1, turned away 1, you turn around 1
In AV:turn 11, turn (one's) self 2, turn (one) 1, turn again 1, turn back again 1, turn (one) about 1, be converted 1, vr turn 1
Definition:1) to turn, turn around
2) to turn one's self (i.e. to turn the back to one
2a) of one who no longer cares for another)
2b) metaph. to turn one's self from one's course of conduct, i.e.
to change one's mind
strengthened from the base of 5157; to twist, i.e. turn quite around
or reverse (literally or figuratively):-convert, turn (again, back
again, self, self about).
see GREEK for 5157

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