stole <4749>

stolh stole

Origin:from 4724
Reference:TDNT - 7:687,1088
PrtSpch:n f
In Greek:stolaiv 2, stolav 4, stolh 1, stolhn 2
In NET:long robes 4, robe 2, robes 2, a long robe 1
In AV:robe 5, long clothing 1, long garment 1, them + 848 1, long robe 1
Definition:1) an equipment
2) an equipment in clothes, clothing
2a) spec. a loose outer garment for men extending to the feet,
worn by kings, priests, and persons of rank

Synonym : See Definition 5934
from 4724; equipment, i.e. (specially), a "stole" or long-fitting gown
(as a mark of dignity):-long clothing (garment), (long) robe.
see GREEK for 4724

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