proton <4412>

prwton proton

Origin:neuter of 4413 as adverb (with or without 3588)
Reference:TDNT - 6:868,965
In Greek:prwton 57, [prwton] 1
In NET:first 42, First 8, Above all 1, Above 1, above all 1, first place 1, starts 1, First of all 1
In AV:first 52, at the first + 3588 2, first of all 2, misc 5
Definition:1) first in time or place
1a) in any succession of things or persons
2) first in rank
2a) influence, honour
2b) chief
2c) principal
3) first, at the first
neuter of 4413 as adverb (with or without 3588); firstly (in time,
place, order, or importance):-before, at the beginning, chiefly (at,
at the) first (of all).
see GREEK for 4413
see GREEK for 3588

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