protoklisia <4411>

prwtoklisia protoklisia

Origin:from 4413 and 2828
Reference:TDNT - 6:870,965
PrtSpch:n f
In Greek:prwtoklisian 2, prwtoklisiav 3
In NET:places of honor 3, place of honor 2
In AV:uppermost room 2, chief room 2, highest room 1
Definition:1) the first reclining place, the chief place at table
2) the relative rank of the several places at table varied among the
Persians, Greeks, and Romans; and what arrangements the Jews
had in the time of Christ can not be accurately determined
from 4413 and 2828; a reclining first (in the place of honor) at the
dinner-bed, i.e. preeminence at meals:-chief (highest, uppermost)
see GREEK for 4413
see GREEK for 2828

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