probaton <4263>

probaton probaton also diminutive probation probation

Pronunciation:prob'-at-on pro-ba'-tee-on
Origin:probably from a presumed. derivative of 4260
Reference:TDNT - 6:689,936
PrtSpch:n n
In Greek:probata 24, probatia 2, probaton 3, probatou 1, probatwn 9
In NET:sheep 35, a sheep 2, sheep's 1, sheepfold 1
In AV:sheep 40, sheepfold + 833 1
Definition:1) any four footed, tame animal accustomed to graze, small cattle
(opp. to large cattle, horses, etc.), most commonly a sheep or a goat
1a) a sheep, and so always in the NT
probably neuter of a presumed derivative of 4260; something that walks
forward (a quadruped), i.e. (specially), a sheep (literally or
see GREEK for 4260

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