aule <833>

aulh aule

Origin:from the same as 109
PrtSpch:n f
In Greek:aulh 2, aulhn 6, aulhv 4
In NET:courtyard 7, palace 3, sheepfold 2
In AV:palace 7, hall 2, sheepfold + 4163 1, fold 1, court 1
Definition:1) among the Greeks in Homer's time, an uncovered space around
the house, enclosed by a wall, in which the stables stood,
hence among the Orientals that roofless enclosure by a wall,
in the open country in which the flocks were herded at night,
a sheepfold
2) the uncovered courtyard of the house. In the O.T. particularly
of the courts of the tabernacle and of the temple in Jerusalem.
The dwellings of the higher classes usually had two, one
exterior, between the door and the street; the other interior,
surrounded by the buildings of the dwelling itself. The latter
is mentioned in Mt 26:69.
3) the house itself, a palace
from the same as 109; a yard (as open to the wind); by implication, a
mansion:-court, (sheep-)fold, hall, palace.
see GREEK for 109

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