pleonazo <4121>

pleonazw pleonazo

Origin:from 4119
Reference:TDNT - 6:263,864
In Greek:epleonasen 2, pleonasai 1, pleonasasa 1, pleonash 2, pleonazei 1, pleonazonta 2
In NET:cause to increase 1, are continually increasing 1, abounds 1, did have too much 1, increase 1, may increase 1, is including 1, is ever greater 1, multiplied all the more 1
In AV:abound 6, abundant 1, have over 1, make to increase 1
Definition:1) to superabound
1a) of things
1a1) to exist in abundance
1a2) to increase
1a3) be augmented
2) to make to increase: one in a thing
from 4119; to do, make or be more, i.e. increase (transitively or
intransitively); by extension, to superabound:-abound, abundant, make
to increase, have over.
see GREEK for 4119

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