pleonekteo <4122>

pleonektew pleonekteo

Origin:from 4123
Reference:TDNT - 6:266,864
In Greek:epleonekthsa 1, epleonekthsamen 1, epleonekthsen 1, pleonektein 1, pleonekthywmen 1
In NET:I have taken advantage 1, did take advantage 1, the rights 1, we have exploited 1, we may be exploited 1
In AV:make a gain 2, defraud 2, get an advantage 1
Definition:1) to have more, or a greater part or share
1a) to be superior, excel, surpass, have an advantage over
2) to gain or take advantage of another, to overreach
from 4123; to be covetous, i.e. (by implication) to over-reach:-get
an advantage, defraud, make a gain.
see GREEK for 4123

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