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NETBible: Strong -- 402

anachoreo <402>

anacwrew anachoreo

Origin:from 303 and 5562
In Greek:anacwreite 1, anacwrhsantev 1, anacwrhsantwn 1, anacwrhsav 1, anecwrhsan 1, anecwrhsen 9
In NET:went 2, he went away 2, he went 2, withdrew 2, Go away 1, After 1, they went back 1, were leaving 1, went away 1, he went out 1
In AV:depart 8, withdraw (one's) self 2, go aside 2, turn aside 1, give place 1
Definition:1) to go back, return
2) to withdraw
2a) so as to leave a room
2b) of those who through fear seek some other place, or shun sight
from 303 and 5562; to retire:-depart, give place, go (turn) aside,
withdraw self.
see GREEK for 303
see GREEK for 5562

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