choreo <5562>

cwrew choreo

Origin:from 5561
In Greek:cwrei 2, cwrein 2, cwreitw 1, cwrhsai 1, cwrhsate 1, cwrhsein 1, cwrousai 1, cwrousin 1
In NET:holding 1, enters 1, can accept 1, Make 1, makes progress 1, room 1, to come 1, to accept 1, should accept 1, would have room 1
In AV:receive 3, contain 2, come 1, go 1, have place 1, cannot receive + 3756 1, be room to receive 1
Definition:1) to leave space (which may be filled or occupied by another),
to make room, give place, yield
1a) to retire
1b) metaph. to betake one's self, turn one's self
2) to go forward, advance, proceed, succeed
3) to have space or room for receiving or holding something

Synonym : See Definition 5818
from 5561; to be in (give) space, i.e. (intransitively) to pass,
enter, or (transitively) to hold, admit (literally or
figuratively):-come, contain, go, have place, (can, be room to)
see GREEK for 5561

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