ana <303>

ana ana

Origin:a primary prep and adv
In Greek:ana 12
In NET:each 3, by 1, each one 1, in 1, one after the other 1
In AV:by 3, apiece 2, every man 2, each 1, several 1, two and two + 1417 1, among 1, through 1, between 1, by 1, in 1
Definition:1) into the midst, in the midst, amidst, among, between
a primary preposition and adverb; properly, up; but (by extension)
used (distributively) severally, or (locally) at (etc.):-and, apiece,
by, each, every (man), in, through. In compounds (as a prefix) it
often means (by implication) repetition, intensity, reversal, etc.

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