anatello <393>

anatellw anatello

Origin:from 303 and the base of 5056
Reference:TDNT - 1:351,57
In Greek:anateilantov 2, anateilh 1, anatellei 1, anatellousan 1, anatetalken 1, aneteilen 3
In NET:rises 2, came up 2, has dawned 1, he causes to rise 1, is descended 1, rising 1, sunrise 1
In AV:be up 2, rise 2, spring up 1, make rise 1, at the rising of 1, spring 1, arise 1
Definition:1) rise
1a) to cause to rise
1a1) of the earth bring forth plants
1b) to rise, arise, to rise from, be descended from
1b1) of sun moon and stars)
from 303 and the base of 5056; to (cause to) arise:-(a-, make to)
rise, at the rising of, spring (up), be up.
see GREEK for 303
see GREEK for 5056

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