oikos <3624>

oikov oikos

Origin:of uncertain affinity
Reference:TDNT - 5:119,674
PrtSpch:n m
In Greek:oikoiv 1, oikon 58, oikou 12, oikouv 4, oikov 18, oikw 19, oikwn 1
In NET:house 58, home 19, household 12, family 4, a house 4, from house to house 3, a divided household 2, homes 2, sanctuary 1, a descendant 1, one house after another 1, families 1, households 1, of house 1, to household 1
In AV:house 104, household 3, home + 1519 2, at home + 1722 2, misc 3
Definition:1) a house
1a) an inhabited house, home
1b) any building whatever
1b1) of a palace
1b2) the house of God, the tabernacle
1c) any dwelling place
1c1) of the human body as the abode of demons that possess it
1c2) of tents, and huts, and later, of the nests, stalls, lairs,
of animals
1c3) the place where one has fixed his residence, one's settled
abode, domicile
2) the inmates of a house, all the persons forming one family, a
2a) the family of God, of the Christian Church, of the church of
the Old and New Testaments
3) stock, family, descendants of one

Synonym : See Definition 5867
and 5944
of uncertain affinity; a dwelling (more or less extensive, literal or
figurative); by implication, a family (more or less related, literally
or figuratively):-home, house(-hold), temple.

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