ou me <3364>

ou mh ou me

Pronunciation:oo may
Origin:from 3756 and 3361
In Greek:
In AV:not 56, in no wise 6, no 6, never + 1519 + 165 + 3588 6, no more at all + 2089 5, not tr 1, misc 14
Definition:1) never, certainly not, not at all, by no means
i.e. 3756 and 3361; a double negative strengthening the denial; not at
all:-any more, at all, by any (no) means, neither, never, no (at
all), in no case (wise), nor ever, not (at all, in any wise). Compare
see GREEK for 3361
see GREEK for 3378
see GREEK for 3756

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