eti <2089>

eti eti

Origin:perhaps akin to 2094
In Greek:eti 91, [eti] 1
In NET:still 37, more 8, longer 7, again 7, even 4, further 3, In a little while 1, Furthermore 1, now 1, any longer 1, any more 1, yet again 1
In AV:yet 51, more 22, any more 5, still 4, further 4, longer 3, misc 10
Definition:1) yet, still
1a) of time
1a1) of a thing which went on formerly, whereas now a
different state of things exists or has begun to exist
1a2) of a thing which continues at present
1a2a) even, now
1a3) with negatives
1a3a) no longer, no more
1b) of degree and increase
1b1) even, yet
1b2) besides, more, further
perhaps akin to 2094; "yet," still (of time or degree):-after that,
also, ever, (any) further, (t-)henceforth (more), hereafter, (any)
longer, (any) more(-one), now, still, yet.
see GREEK for 2094

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