katapauo <2664>

katapauw katapauo

Origin:from 2596 and 3973
Reference:TDNT - 3:627,419
In Greek:katepausan 1, katepausen 3
In NET:had given rest 1, has rested 1, rested 1, they persuaded 1
In AV:restrain 1, rest 1, give rest 1, cease 1
Definition:1) to make quiet, to cause to be at rest, to grant rest
1a) to lead to a quiet abode
1b) to still, restrain, to cause (one striving to do something)
to desist
2) to rest, take rest
from 2596 and 3973; to settle down, i.e. (literally) to colonize, or
(figuratively) to (cause to) desist:-cease, (give) rest(-rain).
see GREEK for 2596
see GREEK for 3973

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