pauo <3973>

pauw pauo

Origin:a root verb ("pause")
In Greek:epauonto 1, epausamhn 1, epausanto 3, epausato 2, pauetai 1, pauomai 1, pauomeya 1, pausasyai 1, pausatw 1, paush 1, pausontai 1, pepautai 1
In NET:has finished 1, he had finished 1, had ended 1, does stop 1, I did stop 1, I do cease 1, he stopped 1, must keep 1, will you stop 1, would they have ceased 1, they will cease 1, they stopped 1, they did stop 1, they died down 1, you have ceased 1
In AV:cease 12, leave 2, refrain 1
Definition:1) to make to cease or desist
2) to restrain a thing or person from something
3) to cease, to leave off
4) have got release from sin
4a) no longer stirred by its incitements and seductions
a primary verb ("pause"); to stop (transitively or intransitively),
i.e. restrain, quit, desist, come to an end:-cease, leave, refrain.

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