esti <2076>

esti esti

Origin:third person singular present indicative of 1510
In Greek:
In AV:is 744, are 51, was 29, be 25, have 11, not tr 15, misc 25, vr is 1
Definition:1) third person singular of "to be"

Used in phrase <3739> <2076> (5748) in:

#Mr 3:17 7:11,34 12:42 15:15 Eph 6:17 Col 1:24 Heb 7:2 Re 21:8,17

These are listed under number 3603.
third person singular present indicative of 1510; he (she or it) is;
also (with neuter plural) they are:-are, be(-long), call, X
can(-not), come, consisteth, X dure for a while, + follow, X have,
(that) is (to say), make, meaneth, X must needs, + profit, +
remaineth, + wrestle.
see GREEK for 1510

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