epistamai <1987>

epistamai epistamai

Origin:apparently a middle voice of 2186 (with 3563 implied)
In Greek:epistamai 2, epistamenov 4, epistantai 2, epistasye 5, epistatai 2
In NET:know 3, knew 1, do know 1, You yourselves know 1, I am acquainted 1, comes 1, knows 1, understands 1, understanding 1, they know 1, they comprehend 1, you know 1
In AV:know 13, understand 1
Definition:1) to put one's attention on, fix one's thoughts on, to turn
one's self or one's mind to, put one's thought upon a thing
1a) to be acquainted with, to understand
1b) to know

Synonym : See Definition 5825
apparently a middle voice of 2186 (with 3563 implied); to put the mind
upon, i.e. comprehend, or be acquainted with:-know, understand.
see GREEK for 2186
see GREEK for 3563

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