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NETBible: Strong -- 3563

nous <3563>

nouv nous

Origin:probably from the base of 1097
Reference:TDNT - 4:951,636
PrtSpch:n m
In Greek:noi 6, noov 6, noun 9, nouv 3
In NET:mind 15, minds 4, a mind 1, composure 1, understanding 1, thinking 1, insight 1
In AV:mind 21, understanding 3
Definition:1) the mind, comprising alike the faculties of perceiving and
understanding and those of feeling, judging, determining
1a) the intellectual faculty, the understanding
1b) reason in the narrower sense, as the capacity for
spiritual truth, the higher powers of the soul, the faculty
of perceiving divine things, of recognising goodness and of
hating evil
1c) the power of considering and judging soberly, calmly and
2) a particular mode of thinking and judging, i.e thoughts,
feelings, purposes, desires

Synonym : See Definition 5917
probably from the base of 1097; the intellect, i.e. mind (divine or
human; in thought, feeling, or will); by implication, meaning:-mind,
understanding. Compare 5590.
see GREEK for 1097
see GREEK for 5590

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