ephistemi <2186>

efisthmi ephistemi

Origin:from 1909 and 2476
In Greek:efesthken 1, efestwta 1, efestwv 1, epesth 2, epesthsan 5, epistantev 2, epistasa 2, epistav 4, episth 1, episthyi 1
In NET:came up 5, approached 3, appeared 2, stood beside 2, be ready 1, attacked 1, had started 1, stood 1, standing nearby 1, is at hand 1, stood near 1, close down 1
In AV:come upon 6, come 4, stand 3, stand by 3, misc 5
Definition:1) to place at, place upon, place over
1a) to stand by, be present
1b) to stand over one, place one's self above
1b1) used esp. of persons coming upon one suddenly
1b1a) an angel, of the advent of angels
1b1b) of dreams
1b2) of evils coming upon one
1c) to be at hand
1c1) be ready,
1d) of time
1d1) to come upon
1d1a) of rain
from 1909 and 2476; to stand upon, i.e. be present (in various
applications, friendly or otherwise, usually literal); -assault, come
(in, to, unto, upon), be at hand (instant), present, stand (before,
by, over).
see GREEK for 1909
see GREEK for 2476

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