diastrepho <1294>

diastrefw diastrepho

Origin:from 1223 and 4762
Reference:TDNT - 7:717,1093
In Greek:diastrefonta 1, diastrefwn 1, diastreqai 1, diestrammena 1, diestrammenh 2, diestrammenhv 1
In NET:perverse 3, making crooked 1, perversions of the truth 1, subverting 1, to turn away 1
In AV:perverse 4, pervert 2, turn away 1
Definition:1) to distort, turn aside
1a) to oppose, plot against the saving purposes and plans of God
2) to turn aside from the right path, to pervert, corrupt
from 1223 and 4762; to distort, i.e. (figuratively) misinterpret, or
(morally) corrupt:-perverse(-rt), turn away.
see GREEK for 1223
see GREEK for 4762

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