diasozo <1295>

diaswzw diasozo

Origin:from 1223 and 4982
In Greek:diaswsai 1, diaswsh 1, diaswswsin 1, diaswyenta 1, diaswyentev 1, diaswyhnai 1, dieswyhsan 2
In NET:brought safely 2, had safely reached shore 1, has escaped 1, heal 1, were delivered 1, to save 1, were healed 1
In AV:escape 2, save 2, make perfectly whole 1, escape safe 1, bring safe 1, heal 1
Definition:1) to preserve through danger, to bring safely through
1a) to save, i.e. cure one who is sick, bring him through
2) to save, keep from perishing
3) to save out of danger, rescue
from 1223 and 4982; to save thoroughly, i.e. (by implication or
analogy) to cure, preserve, rescue, etc.:-bring safe, escape (safe),
heal, make perfectly whole, save.
see GREEK for 1223
see GREEK for 4982

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