g@ullah <01353>

hlag g@ullah

Origin:pass. participle of 01350
Reference:TWOT - 300b
PrtSpch:noun feminime
In Hebrew:wtlag 5, hlag 3, hlagh 2, hlwagh 1, Ktlag 1, tlag 1, ytlag 1
In NET:right of redemption 6, redemption 4, closest relative 2, redemption option 1, relatives 1
In AV:redeem 5, redemption 5, again 1, kindred 1, redeem + 04672 1, right 1
Definition:1) kindred, redemption, right of redemption, price of redemption
1a) kin, kindred
1b) redemption
1c) right of redemption
1d) price of redemption, redemption price
feminine passive participle of 1350; redemption (including
the right and the object); by implication,
relationship:-kindred, redeem, redemption, right.
see HEBREW for 01350

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